Would You Rather Be Sexy or Rich?

Photo by Subhkaran Singh on Unsplash

Don’t Let Quick Money Put You In a Box

Most of my friends from high-school chose their major by Googling their average salaries. Which means, they all went for engineering, finance, or computer science. To compete in those fields they need to go to a well-regarded school so the stress-induced ulcers started in high school.

Learn to Spot False Appearances

David and Goliath is the most popular story of bravery throughout all of history. But is it really about bravery?

Become a Craftsmen

How many people you know seem like they’re just going through the motions in life? The weekend-warriors. They never like their job. Even if it’s the job they wanted. They show up to work and can’t wait for it to be over. Despite their lack of enthusiasm, they expect raises and promotions because they’re entitled to it.

Study The Work of Anomalies

It used to be that the star players in the NBA were centers. The biggest players in the middle of the paint. They were the most sought after positions on the court. Then, Michael Jordan came to the league and everything changed.

So…. Sexy? or Rich?

When you say you want to be rich, do you really want to be rich? Or do you just want the appearance of being rich? Do you want to make money? Or do you just want to spend it?



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Adam Stinson

Adam Stinson


Helping college dropouts gain control of their lives through financial education. Go to www.adamkstinson.com for a field guide to non-traditional success.